About Us

Hi, I'm Shawna the owner of Goodnightdoll and a mama of four. I wanted to start a boutique where you can have modern pieces that functioned well and can be passed down from kid to kid.  These pieces are made to last! After having my own kids I realized that there wasn’t a ton of baby basics. Everything had elephants or huge flowers on it!   Thats why I wanted to start a boutique where I could carry  simple staple piece items that were not only trendy, but practical as well.  From solids to monochromatic I hope each piece can speak to someone. Im also a lover of unique and beautiful bedding.  Thats why at Goodnightdoll I put together some of my favorite crib/toddler bedding collections from the latest nursery trends.  At the end of the day I’m a mom who loves fashion and nursery design and really just want the best quality and style for my kids also. I want to encourage ALL moms to follow your dreams with hard work you can have your dream job too! Thanks again for everyone’s support. When you purchase from a Small Business like Goodnightdoll, I really do see every order and do a little happy dance!